About Us

MHScot is a small social enterprise, based in Edinburgh, which supports the emotional wellbeing of Scotland’s workforce and volunteers by offering mental health bespoke and tailored courses, workshops, awareness raising sessions, focus groups, 1-to-1 support and basically anything that is going to help you to improve and create a positive, empowering and resilient environment. 

Mission Statement

We strongly believe that a healthy mind is the most important factor in creating a healthy workplace. Our focus on learning and development, education and supporting culture change will help everyone (including volunteers etc.) achieve this and much more.

Creating Healthier Workforces and Workplaces in Scotland

Poor mental health and wellbeing is one of the biggest public health challenges facing society today. It is the leading cause of sickness absence in the workplace and can cause immense distress to those experiencing it – as well as those closest to them.

Let’s start making a difference and improving the lives of our Scottish workforce including full-time, part-time, fixed-term employees; casual staff, interns, those on apprenticeships, the self-employed, freelancers, contractors, agency and bank staff and volunteers/trustees.

Creating a happy and healthy workforce