Any in-house service provided will create an opportunity for the chance to subscribe to a yearly membership, if you feel that what I have to offer would be beneficial in the long-term. This membership brings many benefits.

  • On-call support and advice to Managers on any issues related to HR, Occupational Health, Mental Well-being of staff, one-to-one meetings to support you to work through any issues or difficulties in the workplace.
  • Discount training, courses, workshops and one-to-one for new staff, so that they can keep up to speed on the benefits of maintaining good mental health and well-being.
  • One-to-One mentoring for staff going through a difficult time where privacy and confidentiality are important.
  • Offer Staff & Well-being Handbook feedback to further improve your policies in-line with employment law.
  • The opportunity for staff to refer themselves for services in order to respect privacy and confidentiality.