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Can you help with our Company Sponsored MSc Dissertation?

Company Sponsored MSc Dissertation

‘Mental Health Issues in Returning to the Workplace’


Once again MHScot has been fortunate enough to be chosen to support University of Edinburgh Business School on their Company Sponsored Dissertation programme.

Individual research projects provide us with an opportunity to commission an authoritative piece of work on a business or management issue. This typically takes an in-depth look at a defined research area and results in a substantial report containing extensive research, rigorous analysis and practical conclusions.

Because of the area of our work, the project is for the student’s MSc in Human Resource Management.

This year we’re looking at ‘Mental Health Issues in Returning to the Workplace’.

Lusha Wang, our student from the University, has outlined its context, aims, objectives, and any initial thoughts on methodology or data.

Mental health at the workplace is considered an upcoming priority challenge for the labour market. This dissertation aims to explore perceived and actual barriers & stigmas that people with mental health difficulties may face when returning to the workplace.

Based on both successful and failed experiences, I aim to identify existing barriers and stigmas based on employees’ perspective and experience, and figure out whether there is any perceived company intervention in recruitment to avoid discrimination. The factors that contribute to success and lead to failure will be analysed.

Per the findings above, this research will explore what can be done differently to improve the negative experience and make it more successful. This research will be a qualitative one, main method is interview. Sample will be a mixture of a variety of mental health issues (both diagnosed and undiagnosed), gender and age since mental health issues apply to everyone in the workplace.

Starting from the middle of May 2017 until approximately July 2017, we are looking to undertake a

  • Qualitative study
    • With between 10 and 15 individuals
    • Employees who have returned to the workplace after time off with stress, depression, anxiety etc.
    • This can be a current or previous workplace experience no longer than 3 years ago
    • We’re looking at the processes associated with finding employment with a new employer after this experience (recruitment, selection, declaration etc.)
    • Looking for positive and negative experience
    • What can we learn from both
  • Living in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas (there is a small travel budget where Lusha can meet you at a location of your choice)
  • All data will be anonymised for the dissertation and executive summary

Central Belt

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to take part. We now have enough participants and we look forward to working with them in finding out how we can improve the working prospects for people who have experienced poor mental wellbeing.


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