Our Social Enterprise Purpose

What is a Social Enterprise?


Social Enterprises are businesses that plough all of their profits into the community or into creating social or environmental benefit. Social Enterprises in Edinburgh sell a huge range of products and services from coffee to jewellery and PC repair to paddle-boarding.

MHScot is a Community Interest Company; one of many types of Social Enterprise legal structures.

We are a CIC by Shares, with an asset lock and a clause on non-distribution of dividends.

We decided to become a Social Enterprise so that we could re-invest our profits in order to support, help, advise, inform, guide, educate, improve, enlighten, promote, develop and enhance workplace environments.

Live the Good Stuff

We also wanted to be financially independent and not rely on funding.

Our Articles of Association define what we do and how we do it and we have kept this quite broad so we can cater for all the different activities that arise and to give us the ability to diversify.

Our Articles of Association, CIC Report and other important details can be viewed on the Companies House website; just type in the search ‘MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC