Reclaim Your Life - Online CBT Course

Reclaim Your Life – Online CBT Course


Your life is more important than your illness. Would you like it back? Even if you are bed-bound, depressed, chronically fatigued, or unable to get about, this course will help.

Based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles.

An 8-week modular course accompanied by the Reclaim Your Life E-book, worksheets.


Topics covered:

  • Getting ready for change
  • Get going again in a way that helps you physically and mentally
  • Frequent thoughts of illness and other worries? Discover ways of refocusing your mind
  • Feeling in a rut? Now’s the time to start some things
  • Long-term symptoms leaving you feeling frustrated and ground down? Break this vicious circle
  • Tried and tested approaches to rediscover a healthy sleeping pattern
  • Learn what helps and what makes things worse
  • Master how to relax your body and achieve a state of calm control.


You don’t need a lot of experience with computers or the internet to use online CBT. They are available around the clock and are easily accessible via a computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever you are. Other advantages include:

  • suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to work face to face with a therapist
  • helpful for people who find it difficult to leave home because of agoraphobia or social anxiety
  • can be used while waiting for a referral for NHS mental health services
  • no need to travel to a particular location
  • discreet and confidential

Works out at only £5 a week!