Support and Supervision

MHScot is developing a service where we can offer external, impartial, neutral and open-minded support and supervision. For staff and volunteers working in challenging environments, this might also include incident debriefing.

Instances, where this works really well, is:

  • An employee experiencing stress and/or mental health difficulties requires additional support that a line manager is unable to provide; time restraints, or lack of knowledge of personal difficulties
  • Employees can feel more comfortable speaking open and honestly to someone from outside their working environment
  • Existing line managing staff do not need additional training in relation to mental health and wellbeing
  • It can complement line management staff that have had training, but require specific input from a mental health and wellbeing professional.
  • It can provide a ‘listening ear’ to staff and volunteers who work in challenging environments (health and social care sectors) where incident debriefing is critical to maintaining positive wellbeing.